Tuesday, April 12, 2011

peTTy pLanT tHeif

The point of Self Check out FOR ME is to NOT be bothered … I don’t want to bother anyone & don’t wish to be bothered AND I want to bag my own SHIT all 8 items today
One being a little tropical plant J the last thing I rang through so I could carry it AND not have it fall down the roll bars off the conveyor belt

Well Sherlock India didn’t think so, first he takes the plant (after I placed on safe land) & claims I’ve not scanned it
But there it is in plain English “Foliage” $.$$
I point but he rings it in again

Cause apparently I look like the type who buys everything but tries to sneak out with a tropical spiking leaf plant

So now it’s rung in TWICE and of course India can’t fixed his own fuck up, he’s gotta go get little Itally to fix his fuck up

As if this is not enough he then places the plant on the FUCKING roller Bars & it falls over, dirt everywhere !!!!!  THEN he puts the plant in a plastic bag !!!  WTF
So now I’ve paid for a PLANT ONLY NO DIRT and it’s SUFFOCATING in a plastic bag

Excellent, thank you sir

I didn’t say anything BUT one day ONE day Jon my head is going to spontaneously combust !!!  

I just smiled like “ohhhhh it’s ok”  I like my plants half dead when I get them, it’s a challenge !!!  it’s like the plants my mom & sister give me ... damn near DEAD

Which BTW my moms near dead Poinsettia is doing GREAT

I’m still waiting for that avocado to sprout 

Finding a post box is hard !!!  the nearest is not near, wow, snail mail … oh so difficult

Still waiting for my bank card to come
I actually had to go into the bank today !!! SO I thought while I’m here I’ll set up this online banking thingy … but no I gotta call a # & get online while on the phone and do it all that way ….

Hummm if only I had WiFi in my house & didn’t have this 2hr battery limit on my computer hummm

Alright I’m off here
Happy fucking MONDAY I think it’s Monday lol

Mad LoVe,
Yer lil Red plant Theif

Skull candy  =  the Brazilian Girls !!!!

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