Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just reaLized (9/12/2010

keep them for me :)

i know right, like you don't collect enough of my shit

you could open a museum w/ALL the crap of mine your stuck with

& you dick DOES own you $$ HA HA HA beat 'em GooD
your shit cracks me up

i'm still on the prowl for some descent dick
did i tell ya bout the guy not kissing w/his tongue WTF
and you know kissing is one way to find out how good he'll be in bed, its a good rule to follow
so needless to say, no more foreigners

i'm done trying to find dick or a date or anything
just gonna enjoy ME & get out & about

oh crap speed dating is this sunday
i think i'll be going to the Skins Cowboy Game WEEEEEEE
that will be my first pro football game if that works out lol

fuck the speed dating lol

miss you
love you
see you
soon mother fucker
yours truly
~ one smacked ass gypsy peacing OUT

OH & hey, i've always worked out thank you ... just never had a personal trainer
who kicked my ASS & put me on this insane diet
but i'm happy to be getting back to what i was before i moved to this whole area
i worked out at the gym every day

you just happened to meet me when i lost my job & lively hood

peaCe & arT
& safety vibes for you too
for i think of you often

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