Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ccccaaaaaaffffffiiiiiinnnnneeeee (9/7/2010)

there was no caffeine when i got in today :( i can't find anything but
decaf ... who drinks decaf, really

anywhosit, i'm happy to hear your got a porcelein toilet
AND found a use still for the PortaJon LoL most people would have kicked that can to the curb ... i like your resorcfullness LoL

i think of you also when i'm alone in my bed & i agree
i can't remember a time it was ever bad ... its alway's been pretty hot, even
when i'de be mad at you ... ha ha ha
inauguration week is bar none the best sex to date ...  that's when
standing up (with you) was marked my favorite position also ... though
that time in your bathroom, that standing quickie ... that was a fucking awesome quickie cause i/we went from zero to OOO in like ... i dont' know 60sec ... i don't think you thought i really got off but damn ... did i ever, i was shocked how fast cause usually i'm the only one who can get me off that fast

ok enough of that, or else i'll have to shut my office door
here & pull up your pics HA HA HA
but you are who i think of when i get myself off ... &
it's been that way since you managed to get my damn #

my workout w/ T was great, my ass, ouch,
that muscle below my ass ...
oooooo sore, arms, shoulders etc sore
good workout ... though i'll probably be hurting more tomorrow

anywhosit, this work week is slow & next week i pretty sure i have off
:( cause most everyone will be at the conference in Chicago.  but that
week is my FIND ANOTHER JOB WEEK be it FT or PT

i meditate on my wrangler this AM & money in the bank :) i remember
when i first got laid off & would ALWAYS say, i refuse i believe i will ever run out of $$ & i never did ... i need to get that mentality back

i want to have my SHIT together by V-day ... don't ask why that date
cause you know its coming from a damn dream LoL me & my dreams ...
which have been really vivid the past few weeks, more so than usual reaLLy
last night i drempt i lost my foot during a crazy soccer game ... i freaked out at first & at one point you came to see me in the hospital & brought me a new foot ... which sounds about right
.. it was spring loaded & then i got to do this job picking fruit off the tops of trees
cause i could jump & reach them
anywhosit, i'm glad to hear your doing well :) makes not eating meat
worth it ... i've really have not had any land creatures
since before June ... & me & buddha have gotten closer too

Im hoping to have fri off so i can go to bike week for the weekend in oc would be much fun

Well in off til our next interlude
And hey, you can never be to lewd with places you have to relieve yourself lol

Mad love,
Yer favorite wondering nomad

skull candy = badu

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