Monday, April 4, 2011

blog jon

ok i just set up a blog AND i'm still writing YOU

i don't even know how to get to it BUT you know you can sell ads that shit !!!  pretty cool
i post my first one

it's about this Marine that shows up 10hrs late after i'm past the point of drunkeness to get off LOL

this was your idea

and i'm not shitting you jon while i sat here in McDs setting it up AND i'm sitting here with my head phones on this guy comes over & says something, i take off my head phones and he's like "how would i go about selling 45 records"
i'm NOT shitting you jon, i asked him to repeat the questions twice before i realized that he's asking about some vinyl records from the Beatles & shit ....

i really wanted to be a smart ass say something like "do i have Pon Shop written on my forehead"

but i could see he was buzzed or high, something, BURNT definately not working with a full deck
then he goes on & on about all these records, he sits down at my tables, i suggest taking them to a Pon-shop or 2nd hand store to get them appraised, he's like "i'm not giving them to good will"
i try to explain that he should get them appraised from a few different places that would know their worth ... ooooooo he says
wow, then he starts rambleing on about how this used to be a field & that over there used to be a barn or something ...  all i hear is his fucked up teeth that are ALL different in length, freaky shit and every shade of brown to black ...
BUT the worst when he finally stood up to leave he intronduced himself AND put out his nasty grimy hand to shake !!!!!  and when we shook hands i SWEAT to GOD my hand stuck to his sticky grimy hand AHHHHHHHHHHH

AnD this is why god gave us Sanitizer cause i just saturated my hand in the shit

i swear that is THE LAST time i get dressed up to go to Mc Ds LOL

alright Jon, i'm blogging NOW and you know what i think THIS is better than what i blogged hummmm i just might copy and paste the letter i write to you cause its easier to write to you, i don't have a filter you know, i'm not affraid of you misunderstanding my shit

were as the blog, i'm writing to no one ya know

so yeah, i think i'll just do that

until next time WHICH i MUST reiterate YOU BETTER GIVE ME MORE TIME

meditate for your ass for almost a year WITHOUT meat
which btw McDs Cheeseburger is just as delicious as i remembered mmmmmmmm but the fries were cold

you owe me BIG time
i barely remember anything but wanting to slap the SHIT out of you
AND if i were sober you KNOW i would have

SO in the future you will be receiveing my emails from my blog address

i'll try not to use your full name but your pretty safe with Jon, god knows theres a MILLION jons

but your my jon
weather we like it or not

mad love,
yer sober red head

ps i am NEVER drinking again ... OMG i puked didn't i
wow, no wonder you left

you know, a HOT MESS was not how i envisioned seeing you for the first time in almost a year going
you owe me
maybe when i visit S next we can meet up, your near Annapolis right ?? i think

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