Sunday, April 10, 2011

8 mile thong

Well I got my 8 miles in today dispite the threat of rain lol gloomy ass day
I don’t know WHY I ever wear underwear, they just bother me !!! they fell down my cheeks then went up my crack !!! for about 6 of those 8 miles
Took a mile just to numb over, CoLd out there !!!

I always think it’s a good idea then I learn the same lesson the hard way

Saw a Blue Heron too, I’ll send you a pic

I keep going to get something & then remember I have no debit/credit card !!! grrrr I’m holding on to this 10 for TP and OJ the necessities !!!  5 – 7 day’s to get the new one
Snail mail BLowS if it takes 7 day’s I’ll shoot my post man, with a bee bee gun along with the neighbors dog that pisses in the yard and kills the grass
They did spot treatment throughout the ENTIRE neighborhood on the dead grass
Pointless with HUNDRES of dogs pissing out there GOD

I would really love a smoothie from Panera but NO CARD
I know I KNOW I can go in to the actual physical bank but not till Monday they closed at 12 today AND yes I KNOW
I should have online banking set up
That’s something to accomplish on MonDay

Why can’t it just be Sunday already

The blister on my food did NOT improve with 8 miles more today & now I have a blister on top of a blister
YES it’s possible … I have the sweatiest little feet !!!

Cherry Blossom got gloomed out … which is fine I did it minus the tourist on Wed
Theres no blossoms I doubt any shot up today, it’s cold

Sitting out in my car in Ruby Tuesdays parking lot, it could be warmer !!!  I hate running the car just to keep warm while I jump on here I keep thinking it’s Sunday !!!  I wish it were, kinda, really I just wish I was right about the damn day
I WISH I could get the WiFi at my own HOUSE AHHHHHHHH !!!!!
If the WiFi gods would just shine on me … I swear I’ll be SO grateful !!!

Well I hope your doing great, even if you are working, hey at least your in the States even if the Government is ALL jacked up LOL it’s still open … better than being shot at !!!

Mad love
Yer Red Runner

Skull candy = MJ dangerous album been a while

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