Thursday, April 7, 2011

late night wifi

so after loosing my mind to overloaded WiFi
i got it back after a 6mile walk ahhhh

it's amazing how things work SO much better when my damn head is on straight !!!

i am not in the parking lot of panera they are closed BUT their wifi is still spining to me at FULL speed with NO pausing :) ahhhhh

anywhosit, walked through DC Wed which was not as promising since that storm blew out all the Cherry Blossoms, the trees were pretty pitiful looking i must say
BUT since our stupid Gov is shuting down i guess there wont be a Blossom Parade anyways huh

which is the LEAST of my issues with this GOV shut down BS what the fuck !!!!  seriously WTF did this happen during the first depression ??

but i'm just not gonna think about it cause my little head can't take it ... and why stress over shit out my control

my mom called & said i should just move home ... i know she would love that ... what is with moms they never want the kids to leave AND the fathers never let them move back LOL

annnyways i think i'll just do late night resume from now on, got it all to myself, though sitting in this parking lot is ... i feel shady he he

OMG i had the most amazing ice cream and i dont like ice cream but it was smores ... gram cracker ice cream, holy shit

my girl called me up bitching about her man while on the can LoL i know right
but it has been about 3mos AND that is the time you start seeing the true colors of a MoFo
then she jumps off quick "oh he's here i gotta go"
my god, if you can't get away on the shitter NO wonder Ya'll sick of each other !!!

one thing about sitting in my car is no one bothering me :) shit

alright i'm off, tired as hell
mad love
yer shady bitch

skull candy = baduism

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