Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Li berry bloSSom

the library didnt open until 1pm WTF kinda public service is this


so i got here at like 11:30 and sat in my car which got the WiFi reception
:) SWEET so i got shit done in my car then came when a line started to form
outside the door OF THE LIBRARY
crazy ... line at the Library AND again, two different people walk over to
me to ask me when they open

i don't know what about me is so damn approachable BUT damn

AND nevermind there is a big white sign with the Library Hours right there
... of course then they wanted to know the time ...  the only people left in
existance with no clock

FINALLY get all set up an i swear to GOD jon, i could not connect to the
no problem in my car
come inside & i gotta reboot

is it JUST me or does that picture of Gaddafi on Time Magazine resemble Walter Matthau
i'm just saying

FINALLY rebooted & up & running what the shit

then T emails me asking to meet up for cherry blossom walk ... i say i can't
i just got to the library
to which she replies, the library will be there but this beautiful day has
an expiration

and it's true

SO ALL that shit for me running out the door

i'm over your standing me up ok
plus i still have yet to tell you that

when i was pissed & upset & went to get wine to get over your ass
i found

:) ha ha ha
your still an ass
that was the Gods Saying, fuck, throw the bitch a bone before she tears
again over this guy

anywhosit i'm off to walk the water front & see some purddy cherry blossoms

mad love,
your once thought favorite red

skull candy = deep dish stuck on them

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