Monday, April 11, 2011

cheRRy sHiT

I’m not sure what I did to piss the birds off but they seem to have it out for me/my car

I come out & all the cars on this block are covered in pretty little pink flower petals from the trees … all but my car which is COVERED in bird shit !!!  my car is now black & white bird shit tye-dyed WTF

I might actually wash the damn thing cause you KNOW it won’t rain for a month now
Rain all damn week but now that I want natures car wash it won’t

Fucking birds …  I need C02 for my bee bee gun … get their feather asses

Walked ALL over DC yesterday, a LOT of tourist but still nice J  it is pretty in the spring … they planted tulips EVERYWHERE probably to make up for the fail cherry blossoms

I want HOT !!!  I want to go to the beach & meditate & today is 80 Degree weather

The same 900 yr old hag that took my table last time at this library is still here at that table !!!  I swear I’ve never wanted to kick an elderly’s ass SO much

OH got an inter view this week, not sure on the date but right over in Sterling
I’m a sure shoe in … the job is PERFECT for what the fuck I do !!!  and a print shop so I can keep my piercing & ink without worry ahhhhhh

It’s always’s good to know you STILL got it and I DO (of course)
when I was in G-town w/T’ we got a cat call from a HOT man riding down the road and a head turner !!!  niccccceeeee
and I got hit on last night waiting for the train niccccc

Metroed in & out the city twice AND each time I FeLL UP the Moving Flight of stairs, I’ve lost balance AND apparently the ability to LIFT my foot to the height of the next stair
AND S’ wanted to bike through the city !!!  that’s asking how FasT I can get hit
OR hit some poor pedestrian with a bicycle !!! 
I guess I could wear my dirt bike helmet LOL

I have not had a drop of alcohol since I saw your ass, which is GREAT
Though I had enough that Sunday to take down a cow thus my taking of a break

I don’t mind being a lush BUT I am not gonna be an alcoholic !!!  and it’s not appropriate that I can consume that much & still find my way to my house … though it did take 3 wrong doors to step back & look around and actually FIND my house woooow

Alright I’m off to shower, the funk in strong on me

Mad LoVe,
yEr lil reD

skull candy = MJ ~ Dangerous ~ Who iS iT

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